Building Trust Before Building Your Home

We help secure financing, prepare budgetary goals and in depth investigations of your builder to protect you.

Contract Review

Understand the details of what you are signing, before it's too late.

Write New Contracts

Create an iron-clad contract that will protect you from risk or extra expenses.

To-Do Lists for Home Owner

Customized list to check and make sure that your renovation goes smooth.

Background Checks

Our two former Police Officers have over 47 years combined law enforcement experience. We will conduct in depth background checks to ensure you are working with the right people. We have experience in the investigation and prosecution of illegal building where residential construction contracts are key evidence. With that, it led to the development of our residential construction contract that we write specifically for your project.


We work hand in hand with professional mortgage brokers to ensure that you are well informed and are in the best position to have your project move forward. Having the correct financing is essential to help keep costs down and protect your investment into your home.


Guy Lacroix CPA, CA, CGA, LPA has over 17 years of experience in public accounting providing accounting, assurance and tax services to small and medium-sized businesses and individuals. Our team can assist you with any accounting related matters including the application of eligible government tax benefits when it comes to your renovation or build.

Families say builder ‘duped’ them out of $40,000 without building homes

Several frustrated families say they’ve been “duped” by an Ontario builder who has not begun work on their new homes, despite collecting sizable deposits from his buyers.

Cory Savary and Kings Custom Homes are now under investigation by the province’s homebuyer protection agency, Tarion, amid accusations that he’s been dragging his feet after collecting deposits for several homes in Bewdley, south of Peterborough, Ont. Savary has blamed the delays on a rainy summer and difficulties with obtaining building permits.

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October 19th, 2017

Dealing with a reno nightmare: Timmons’ contractor said he’d fix his mistakes — then sent a $100K overage bill

Every renovation project is inherently optimistic, because homeowners start out with a plan to improve their home with visions of glorious new living spaces or at least a shiny updated bathroom galvanizing them to power through the less pleasant side of home improvement projects.

While most people come through the mess and expense and enjoy the results, the biggest fear of many homeowners is that they will be among the unhappy group who suffer from inflated costs, low-quality workmanship or an incomplete renovation.

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April 14th, 2016

We Bought a Crack House

It was a crumbling Parkdale rooming house, populated by drug users and squatters and available on the cheap. We were cash-strapped, desperate to move and hemmed in by a hot market. Five years, three contractors and $1.1 million later, our home reno nightmare is finally over.

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May 29th, 2015